Christopher Harris was born in London in 1951, and educated in London and Birmingham. After leaving school, he studied art briefly, then did a series of jobs, working as a printer, sign-writer, van-driver, illustrator, boat builder and civil servant. Later, he studied biology, and taught science for several years. These jobs were interrupted by journeys to Italy, Greece and Turkey, where he researched the background to the Byzantine Trilogy.

He lives with his wife in France.

Theodore was published in January 2000, False Ambassador in January 2001. The middle part of this Byzantine Trilogy, Memoirs of a Byzantine Eunuch, was published in July 2002. Mappamundi, the fourth part of the trilogy, was published in 2009.
Foreign rights to
Theodore have been sold in Turkey, Greece and Spain. Rights to Memoirs of a Byzantine Eunuch have been sold in Lithuania and Russia.

Brute Art, a novel about art, natural history, food and reptiles, and Green Men, a novel about buildings, books and people are available as Kindle ebooks from Amazon.

He is currently working on
The End Of The World, a novel about the search for a lost heretic, and Tropical Climes, a novel about the end of the world.